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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying to Sell Furniture

1. Not starting with a quality piece. Valuable premium or designer pieces are the best for reselling. It’s also possible to get a good deal selling quality, less expensive items. If these pieces don’t have any visible damage, they are in perfect condition, they can be easily resold.

2. Bad or excessive staging. Don’t leave books, papers, or personal items on a piece of furniture, when taking pictures. It makes the item look very unattractive. Remove all items and leave only those complimenting the look.

3. Bad photography. Beautiful, scroll-stopping photos will help you sell your furniture. The most common problem most people have with photography is poop lighting. Make sure the room is well lit with natural light if possible. Hold the camera very still to avoid blurriness. Read our Photo Guide to sell fast on GOS Blog.

4. Posting only one photo. Every listing should have 3-4 photos minimum. Special details deserve their own beauty shot. Make sure you cover all angles. Check our photo guide before taking photos of your furniture.

5. Not writing a description. To save time, you can go to the original listing of your item in retail and copy-paste it. If it's unavailable, try to create a simple and easy to understand description by answering three questions:
  • Who is it for? What is the best part of this item?
  • Additional benefits (bookshelf can be used as a photo display or a bar top)?
  • How do you like its quality?

6. Missing details. Always include dimensions and any other details that people wouldn’t know just from looking at the photos.

GOS, 2021.
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