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7 Decorating Mistakes

Store-Bought Art.
Everyone can spot cheap art, and this immediately makes a room look cheaper. The solution isn't, necessarily, to spend big, though. There are lots of cool custom art services available, which allow you to affordably commission original art or have their prints framed and shipped.

Poorly Positioned Curtain Rods.
Something as simple as the positioning of window treatments can make an otherwise spacious room look cramped. People often hang them right above the window, which makes it look smaller.

‼️Hang the curtain rod about half a foot above the window frame, and place the wall brackets about six to eight inches out on either end. That way, everything looks larger, and your room is more elegant.

Undersized Rugs.
Interior design experts agree—choosing the wrong-size rug can instantly cheapen a room. Thankfully, you don't have to toss a small rug. The solution is to layer a larger rug under the smaller one.

Dated Bathroom Accessories.
Bathroom accessories can be magnets for bacteria, so make sure you launder and update them frequently. They're relatively inexpensive to swap out.

Mismatched Hangers.
Change the hangers. Mismatched hangers or leftover wire pieces from the laundromat cheapen a bedroom. Replace all hangers so that you have a consistent style and colour.

Stock Hardware.
If we've learned anything from IKEA hacks, it's that updating hardware can instantly elevate an inexpensive cabinet or nightstand.

Too Many Accessories.
Carefully styled accessories can give your home character, but too many can look chaotic.
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