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Here is how you benefit from using Garage Online Sale to sell your items. 

1. GOS Concierge.
We manage the complete sales process by answering buyers' questions and negotiating sellers' offers. With GOS Concierge, we have more happy sellers and satisfied buyers. Using GOS Concierge, the deals may close as soon as 24 hours. Read more about GOS Concierge.

2. Manual Listings Check.
We filter off all the junk and save you time searching for suitable items. We focus on designer and premium furniture and decor. By filtering incoming listings, we make sure you can search through a portfolio of quality items.

3. Built-in Communication.
No need to share your phone number and email to buy or sell.

4. Built-in Payment System.
You don’t pay directly to a person revealing your banking information, but you pay to the platform. Buyers can pay you with a credit card.

5. Marketing Support.
We use various marketing channels and premium buyers' communities to help you sell fast. Each listing receives from 50,000 to 1,500,000 views. We post a lot of our items on Instagram, but it is not our key marketing channel.

6. Check Before You Buy.
Technology: the transaction will happen only if the buyer is satisfied with the item and its condition.

7. Premium Community.
We built a community of users who love premium and designer furniture and are ready to pay for quality.

8. Save Time And Money.
Our system protects sellers from no-shows and buyers from unreliable sellers.

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