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A Story About Dalí's Iconic Lips Sofas

Photo: AD Magazine. Lips sofas in arts patron Edward James's West Sussex dining room.Elizabeth Whiting & Associates / Alamy Stock Photo

The story of Dalí's iconic Lips Sofas begins in the mid-1930s when Salvador Dalí, the surrealist mastermind, collaborated with furniture designer Edward James. Inspired by the allure of lips, Dalí sketched lavish, ruby-red lips as the foundation for his innovative sofa concept.

James skillfully crafted the first Lips Sofa, embodying Dalí's surrealistic vision. The sinuous curves and plush velvet upholstery radiated sensuality, becoming an emblem of Dalí's artistic language.

The Lips Sofa captivated artists and collectors worldwide, transcending its functional purpose. It found a place of prominence in Dalí's own home and appeared in exhibitions, eliciting fascination and admiration.

Over the years, variations of the Lips Sofa emerged, each carrying Dalí's ingenuity. Today, they can be found in museums and private collections, a testament to Dalí's enduring legacy and the power of imaginative design.
Photo: AD Magazine. A lips sofa at Château de la Colle Noire, Christian Dior's former residence in Montauroux, France, restored by designer Yves de Marseille. Jérôme Galland
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