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7 Things Worth Splurging On In a Home


Splurging on a statement piece isn't always a bad idea.

1. Beautiful artwork could be worth something one day. Great art often becomes a family heirloom — you can also move it around anywhere in your home to instantly refresh a space.

2. Don't be cheap when it comes to buying sturdy kitchen chairs. GOS Design team recommends splurging on the items that you will use the most. The kitchen is the place of many family gatherings and events. Quality chairs will last longer and look good. If you choose popular design pieces (by Herman Miller, HAY, Knoll), they will also reflect your status.

3. When purchasing upholstered furniture, don't be afraid to spend a little extra. Find good furniture that's constructed from solid wood frames. Choose from performance fabrics that will help with repelling stains and pilling.

4. You should almost always splurge on the bigger rug to make a room feel larger than it is. Rugs should either have two legs of the furniture on them or all of the legs. Floating rugs instantly make the space feel small.

5. Invest in a couch that you can use for years. Even though there are cheap options for lounging areas in your space, you should definitely spend more.

6. A lounge chair by a well-known designer will make your space look chic and create more character.

7. Statement lighting above the dining area, entryway, or kitchen island is a perfect place to show your investment piece. Choose from various brands to find the one that will complement the look and style of your space.

Whatever investment piece you choose, reselling high-quality designer items is easier. If you decide to change your interior one day, your premium furniture will maintain its look, value and will be sold for a better price.

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