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Listing Guidelines

Guidelines for selling on Garage Online Sale 

You can post listings of furniture and decor in mint and good condition. Here are our key requirements to follow. Please, make sure you read this guideline before creating your first listing. Garage Online Sale team checks every listing before publishing and declines those that do not meet our guidelines. 

  1. All items should be cleaned and sanitized or professionally cleaned, or reupholstered, depending on the type of item.
  2. Items should not have any visible stains -- otherwise, they can't qualify as "mint".
  3. Light signs of wear or mild scratches are ok.
  4. Rips or broken parts are not allowed -- otherwise, the item can't qualify as "mint".
  5. Clearly communicate the condition of the item and the number of years it was used. This information is indicated in the 'Time used' listing field with the dropdown menu.
  6. If you are selling a furniture set (like a dining room or bedroom set) and would like to sell it separately (like a dining table, dining chairs, buffet). Please, post each item of the set separately. As well as take photos of each item separately. 
  7. Follow our Photo Guide to create great photos. We are not magicians -- if your furniture looks unattractive in the pictures, it will be very hard to sell it.
  8. Do not use photos from the manufacturer's/brand's website if you don't own the rights to post them. You can only post your own photos. 
  9. We accept only premium and high-end designer brands. Please, no IKEA, Wayfair, Amazon, or other 'big box' retailers furniture.
  10. We do not accept any items of an unknown brand, or unannounced replicas.
  11. If you are selling bedroom furniture, please note that we do not accept listings of mattresses. Only bed frame.
  12. Price your items reasonably. Check out listings in a similar category on GOS. And do your research.
  13. The buyer is responsible for checking the item and making sure the condition of the piece is satisfying.
  14. We encourage personal pick up rather than shipping, so you can make sure the item you are buying is in good condition.
  15. We do not provide the resources to examine the listing item in person before posting. The seller is responsible for the posted item's described condition.
  16. Any listing can be rejected anytime if we believe it doesn't comply with our vision.

For more information, review our Curation Standards.

Updated: July 2023.
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