Information about Garage Online Sale™


The Story of Garage Online Sale ™ 


We are a Canadian, female-founded and -led business based in Toronto. Just as pandemics changed many people's lives, the idea of Garage Online Sale was conceived right around the same time. 

In 2020 the Founder of Garage Online Sale had to organize a move from the US to Canada. Here is the story she wanted to share with all of you.

"My family has always been passionate about great furniture. Every year we buy a few pieces of furniture or decor that will complement our interior. When we decided to move, the biggest challenge was selling our furniture or paying high shipping costs for relocation. Many pieces required crating and extra careful shipping.

To save the family budget, I was looking for an online platform to sell our quality items for a reasonable price. Many times, potential buyers were expecting me (and insisting) to reduce the price, give a big discount, or give it away for free. Buyers were coming from different parts of the city or even driving from out of town. It took a lot of my time to meet them and figure out a payment method to close the deal. 

That's how I found an opportunity to start my platform. I launched a pilot version of Garage Online Sale in November 2020, which received encouraging positive feedback. As we arrived in Canada, we created a marketplace model where users could post and shop items independently. 

      • We charge Sellers a standard commission of 20%.

      • We believe in neighborhood sales because that's our closest community of people we trust. You don't need to spend money and time on shipping when you can do a local pickup.

      • Reselling furniture reduces the carbon footprint of your house furnishing. Reselling our decor and furniture is the least we can do to live more sustainably.

      • Moving into a new house is very exciting (congrats!). If you have furniture that doesn't fit into your new place, post it on Garage Online Sale and make room (and budget) for new pieces

      • If you are here to shop and don't see the items you need, help us spread the word and invite more people to join Garage Online Sale. Support our business and send a link to your neighbors." 

Thank you for your support!